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Planned Giving

Why Giving Makes a Difference

Caitlin McCarthy and Mark GhafariK People and Experiences Inspire Young Alumni Couple's Planned Gift
Relationships, connection and athletics—this simple story touches on some of the most important themes in Caitlin McCarthy and Mark Ghafari’s K stories. The couple decided to include K in their estate plan out of thankfulness for the coaches and mentors who helped pre-pare them for successful careers. More

Ann MacLachlan ZaleskiOpening Doors for the Next Generation: Ann MacLachlan Zaleski ’69
Kalamazoo College has shaped Ann MacLachlan Zaleski '69’s career and life. Now, inspired to give back to the place that so enriched her, MacLachlan has designated Kalamazoo College as primary beneficiary of one of her 401(k) plans and is giving two charitable gift annuities to her beloved alma mater. More

Sandy and Anne LipseyReturning Borrowed Opportunities: Sandy ’72 and Anne Lipsey
For Sandy, who graduated from Kalamazoo College with a degree in physics before earning his J.D. at the University of Michigan’s law school, it’s important to pay forward the opportunities K offered him as a first-generation college student who relied on scholarship help. More

Merrill SquiersEngineering Future Opportunities at K Through Estate Planning
Merrill Squiers ’92 is giving back to K to say thanks for the opportunities his degree gave him—and to help future students graduate without the sting of debt. More

Jennifer Schell'An Empowering Thing': A Blended Gift Enables Jennifer Schell ’87 to Endow Scholarship
While Jennifer Schell ’87 has stayed connected with her alma mater and given to Kalamazoo College annually, she had never envisioned herself being able to endow a scholarship until she learned about blended gifts in a conversation with one of the College’s development officers. More

Jeff and Deb YourickYourick Scholarship for Underserved Students Pursuing STEM Careers
Outreach, support, and scholarships played a crucial role in a successful Kalamazoo College experience for Deb Yourick ’80. Now Deb and her husband, Jeff ’79, are helping ensure that education is accessible for future students. More

Jeff Hamilton's dog, ZoeAlumnus, Jeff Hamilton ’83, Helps Students Achieve Their Dreams
Jeff Hamilton’s K experience changed his life. Now he is paying it forward with a planned gift to help ensure the College’s long-term success in preparing students for careers and lives of service to the world. More

Kevin Geiser and Ann DahmerAlways More to Explore
Thanks to their education and experiences at Kalamazoo College, Kevin Geiser ’78 and Ann Dahmer ’78 were prepared to adapt to all of life’s changes, finding success in each avenue along the way—something they’re paying forward with a planned gift. More

Devin and Dawn NormanWater in Many Places
Devin Norman ’93 didn't always understand the value in the liberal arts. But he now recognizes that his Kalamazoo College education has been the key to a good life—something he and his wife hope others will enjoy thanks to the scholarship created by their estate gift. More

Chris MoellerA Road Less Traveled
Chris Moeller '76 may not have taken the most conventional route to his career in the tech industry, but it's one he wouldn't trade for anything. And he's remembering his K experience with a scholarship in honor of the professor who made it unforgettable. More

Mary Ann KrauseA Change in Direction
After a successful career in city planning and administration, Mary Ann Krause '72 is a strong believer in the power of a Kalamazoo College education. That's why she's included K in her estate plan. More

Gail GriffinWhen Did You Decide to Include K in Your Estate Plans?
For Gail Griffin, professor of English emerita, K is K is so embedded in her life that making it part of her estate plans was a given. More

Karen JohnsonFinding Others Like Me at K
In the fall of 1970, Karen Johnson found herself on Kalamazoo's campus with big dreams. Now, she's helping other Kalamazoo students achieve their dreams. More

Diana GabrielDiscovering New Perspectives: Diana Gabriel '15
In her final year at Kalamazoo College, Diana Gabriel '15, a history major, will study Medieval British and Scottish witchcraft of the 1500s from a historical perspective. Through this Senior Individual Project and throughout her four years she explored new ways of thinking and is proud to call K her "home away from home." More

Bethany KielPlanned Gift Beneficiary: Bethany Kiel '11
This summer, Bethany Kiel, Kalamazoo College Class of 2011, worked as an intern for American Village Builders Construction (AVB). Attending K has presented me with opportunities not found at other schools," Beth says. "I'm not sure I would've been able to stay at K without the help of scholarships." As a senior, this is her third year receiving the Venema Family Scholarship. More

Tish LovelessTish Loveless Estate Gift Doubles K Women's Athletics Endowment
Ada "Tish" Loveless has added to her enduring legacy as the founder of women's athletics at Kalamazoo College with a planned gift from her estate that more than doubled the size of the existing Tish Loveless Women's Athletics Endowment. More

Scott and Christopher Townsend-WolfeLegacy of Gratitude
The decades-long love of a couple deeply committed to one another; an adoration of a language and a culture; the devotion to an alma mater—Christopher Townsend-Wolfe '73 has established an estate gift that honors all of those, an endowment that will benefit future K German studies students forever. More

Elsa Lane NelsonNew Worlds
Elsa Lane Nelson ’65 grew up near Kalamazoo College and soon discovered it was a perfect gateway to explore entire new worlds. In this article, she talks with Matthew Brosco, K’s new director of planned giving, about her decision to support the College after her lifetime. More

Alexander DoddsAssisting K Students in Perpetuity
In the early 1900s the Alexander Dodds Company of Grand Rapids, Michigan was exporting machinery throughout the world. Beginning in 1959 the Alexander Dodds estate was helping K students travel the globe. More

PrestonPaying It Forward: Dr. Brian Preston '67 and Endowed Scholarships
Brian Preston's generosity helps support K students now and in the future. He hopes to inspire others to give so more students have the opportunity to attend the college. More

Donor AdamsonInspiring Lifelong Learning: Kurt '69 and Martha (Campbell) Adamson '69
Though they studied on campus at Kalamazoo College "together" for two years, Kurt and Marty Adamson never met until their ocean voyage home from study abroad in Europe. Today they have been married for more than 44 years. More

Donor WilliamsWorking Together to Make a Difference: Henry Williams '70 and Rosemary Wade
Henry Williams '70 and his wife, Rosemary Wade, have been involved at Kalamazoo College for years. The couple gives regularly because of Henry's great experiences at the College—and to give future students the same opportunities. More

Donor FountainEnriching Future Lives
For Jim and Gwen Fountain, both members of the Class of '68, attending Kalamazoo College "provided a foundation for furthering our educations," Jim says. More

Donor WeberMaximizing Impact: William Weber '39
In 1935 when William Weber '39 came to Kalamazoo College, there were fewer than 400 students. More

Donor BakerMaking Bold Choices: Sally (Slater) Baker '87
For Sally (Slater) Baker '87, transferring to Kalamazoo College led her to more opportunities and experiences than she could have anticipated. More

Donor HayesGiving K a Home: Ruth Demme Hayes '37 and Allen Hayes '35
For many years, Ruth Hayes and her late husband, Allen, migrated between their house in Winter Haven, Fla., and their A-frame cabin overlooking Lake Michigan. More

Donor SchreurRepaying Your Community: John Curtis Schreur '87 and Carol Schreur
"Even though I'm only in my mid-40s, I really appreciate the importance of being well-prepared by creating a detailed trust and living will spelling out my intentions," says Curt Schreur. "I want to encourage others to be prepared." More

Donor JohnsonEndowing Your Passion: Cal Johnson '71
Cal Johnson ‘71 wanted to make a creative gift to Kalamazoo College that would benefit not only the academic experience but also the College's bottom line. He worked with the Kalamazoo College Office of Development to connect with the music department and create an endowment that would be effective for the future of the music program. More

Donor StarbuckK Women and Philanthropy
Continuing a pattern of giving she started with her husband, Marian (Hall) Starbuck '45 contributes to multiple organizations and enjoys being philanthropic. Giving back "makes me feel I'm here for a purpose other than just for me," she says. More

Inheriting a Love for K: A Stetson Society Member's Story
When Elsie Miller first met her late husband Harold, a Kalamazoo College Alumnus of 1928, they often went to see musical performances together in Shelbyville. Though neither of them possessed musical talents of their own, they shared a great love for music. More

Donor MickensSupport From Every Angle
When Helen Mickens '76 and her husband, Charles, visit Kalamazoo College, she always enjoys seeing the beautiful campus and improvements over the years—including the Upjohn Library Commons and the Hicks Student Center. More

Bonnie SwenbyJust Add K: Uncomplicating Your Estate Plan Recipe
For Bonnie Swenby '69 and her husband, Ralph, it was easy! They became members of the Stetson Society in 2004 and created a legacy to benefit the future of Kalamazoo College. More

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