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Paying It Forward: Dr. Brian Preston '67 and Endowed Scholarships

Brian Preston '67

Brian Preston '67

After encouragement from a high school guidance counselor, Brian Preston '67 applied to Kalamazoo College, only to realize that the cost to attend was not possible based on his family's budget. Brian reflects, "K seemed beyond my financial reach at the time, until I discovered I was able to receive a scholarship."

Like many students, Brian was attracted to K's foreign study program. Brian describes his time studying in Germany as "an enlightening and humbling experience that has stayed with me all my life. It really opened up the world to me."

Brian started his education at K in the physics department, but while helping a classmate outline an essay for an English course, he quickly discovered his true passion: writing. After graduation, Brian combined his newfound passion with his desire to experience new cultures and spent four years teaching at the Frankfurt International School in Germany. Also, while in Germany, Brian met his future wife, Laury Yates.

Kalamazoo College helped shape Brian's career. With direct roots to the K-Plan, he discovered his passion for teaching, and leveraged it into a 44-year career as an educator, both abroad and in the United States. Brian's life has forever been positively impacted by his K experience.

Brian began giving to K in the early 1970s and continues to support the College today. In light of the priorities outlined in The Campaign for Kalamazoo College, Brian decided to make a generous gift in his estate, designated to provide scholarship funds to students who might otherwise not be able to afford a K education.

When discussing his decision to support the College, Brian says, "I'm glad that I can invest in a school that has contributed so much to changing my life."

Brian hopes that his gift will inspire others to support the institution that provides such meaningful and impactful experiences to students. He adds, "I want to see K continue to give students an opportunity to experience life and other cultures around the world."

Like Brian, you can make a Kalamazoo College education affordable to more students by providing a gift in your estate plans. Contact Andy Miller, 269.337.7327 or for more information.

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