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Discovering New Perspectives: Diana Gabriel '15

Diana Gabriel

Diana Gabriel '15

"The experience of having a quality education gives you more than a degree; it opens your mind and soul," says Diana Gabriel. Diana, a history major who will begin her senior year at K this fall, received the Dorothea (Dottie) A. Carmody Scholarship. Carmody who endowed the scholarship through a charitable gift annuity, was the kind of person who cherished helping individuals achieve their full potential. "The Dorothea Carmody Scholarship is providing me the opportunity to continue my education here at Kalamazoo College, and for that I am sincerely grateful," Diana says.

Inspired by a book she read her sophomore year in her historical methods class, Diana will focus her Senior Individual Project on Medieval British and Scottish witchcraft in the 1500s. Though she heard and read about witchcraft trials in the past, for her project she is studying and writing about them from a more rigorous historical perspective.

A Classics minor, Diana studied abroad at the American University of Rome last fall. "I developed the ability to wonder," says Diana, who before studying abroad had never traveled outside the Midwest. "I had the honor of meeting and befriending people from all around the world. These friendships changed how I think and see the world," she says.

While at K, Diana developed an interest in higher education administration through her work in the Office of Student Involvement. "I'm passionate about creating community on campus, I believe college should be a home away from home, and I strive to create events which not only interest students but engage them," she says.

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