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Planned Giving

Inheriting a Love for K: A Stetson Society Member's Story

When Elsie Miller first met her late husband Harold, a Kalamazoo College Alumnus of 1928, they often went to see musical performances together in Shelbyville. Though neither of them possessed musical talents of their own, they shared a great love for music. Both having been widowed before they met, Harold and Elsie married in 1981. Harold introduced her to classical music, and they particularly enjoyed orchestral performances. "I inherited my affection for K from Harold," says Elsie. "He had great respect for the professors and staff that mentored and encouraged him."

After Harold passed away in 1998, his trust arranged for his home to be left to Kalamazoo College, and, when Elsie decided to move to Friendship Village, the College arranged for the sale of the house. Once the house sold, the funds were used to create the Harold R. Miller and Ruth Vivian Coe Miller Music Scholarship to support students with an interest in the performance of classical music.

In honor of Harold Miller and to acknowledge his support, Emeritus Professor of Music at Kalamazoo College Barry Ross, who was a friend of the couple, arranged an annual spring concert at Friendship Village. Over the past several years, K music students, along with Professor Les Tung, have performed for the residents as well as friends and neighbors. Elsie enjoys attending the concert every year and aids in the presentation and preparation of programs for the event. She also has had the opportunity to meet the students and hear about their experiences at K. "I remember when Joanna Steinhauser '02 performed, and now she's a visiting professor at K," says Elsie.

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